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Audubon and Allies Make Recommendations to Improve Controversial FDOT Project

posted on August 18, 2011 in Growth Mgmnt

In a recent letter, 100 Friends of Florida President Charles Pattison, in conjunction with Audubon of Florida, Defenders of Wildlife, the Sierra Club, the Florida Wildlife Federation and the Conservancy of Southwest Florida, presented Governor Rick Scott and the Florida Department of Transportation an outline of concerns with the recently renewed Future Corridors Action Plan.

Florida is a one-of-a-kind state with incredible vistas and endangered natural habitats. A thorough evaluation of proposed projects must include some of the following considerations:

  • Consideration of an overall regional and statewide growth vision plan,
  • Costs and economic feasibility of new infrastructure,
  • Environmental impacts of new roadways and construction,
  • A cost/benefit analysis of funding new roadways versus improving existing transportation corridors.

Please click here to read our letter to Governor Scott and FDOT in full.

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