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Pennies For the Planet; Kids Can Make A Difference


Kids can make a real difference for conservation projects across America.

Camouflaged shorebirds along California’s coast need your help. So do the coastal marshes of Louisiana and wetland habitat near the Gulf Coast of Florida. What can you do to help? Join Pennies for the Planet!

Pennies for the Planet is a successful nationwide campaign to help critical conservation projects. It’s powered by kids collecting pennies (and nickels, dimes, quarters, and dollars, too!) to help save wild places and wildlife in the United States. Working in classrooms, clubs, Scout troops, other groups, with their families, and on their own, kids have turned pennies into a gold mine for wild spaces and wild species needing protection.

By raising thousands of dollars for conservation, kids have proven that they care about making the planet cleaner, greener, and wilder. Get started now by downloading a Pennies for the Planet kit!

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