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Take Action: Defend Central Florida’s Water Resources

posted on February 15, 2014 in Online Advocacy,Water Issues

Send a letter right now to protect our precious rivers, lakes, and springs.

Residents and visitors from all over the world come to Central Florida to canoe, kayak, and explore our region’s remarkable waterways. Now, a plan is in the works that will harm our water resources.

The Central Florida Water Initiative (CFWI) is a regional planning committee comprised of the Florida Department of Environmental Protection, three separate Water Management Districts, and numerous local utilities.  The CFWI has produced anew draft Regional Water Supply plan that includes projects that suck up to 225 million gallons a day (mgd) from our precious rivers and lakes. This includes projects that put the health of the St. Johns River and Kissimmee River basin at risk. And, costs for the projects could skyrocket to as high as $2 billion.

But you can make a difference. Until February 20, citizens have an opportunity to comment on this plan. This is a key chance for Floridians to promote a water ethic using conservation, instead continuing on our path of over-consumption. Click here to read Audubon Florida’s official comment letter on the CFWI plan.

Florida’s incredible waterways deserve protection. We cannot allow a plan that sucks precious water from our rivers, lakes, and springs for inefficient uses – like watering needy St. Augustine Grass. Water planners are already projecting a deficit of groundwater supplies in the region by 2035. Increased withdrawals will only further impact our treasured water resources.

Take action right now, click here to tell the CFWI to modernize the way Florida uses water. Urge decision-makers to support measurable and mandatory water conservation goals and sustainable water resource development projects.

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