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WFSU Audio: Beachgoers, Look Out For Baby Birds, Audubon Says

posted on May 23, 2013 in Coastal Conservation,Media,Wildlife

Black Skimmer and Chick by Bonnie Shedd

Audubon’s Director of Wildlife Conservation Julie Wraithmell was profiled in this audio essay from WFSU Public Radio in Tallahassee about the upcoming Memorial Day holiday and what beach-goers can do to protect Florida’s most vulnerable coastal wildlife.

From WFSU Radio:

Many beach-dwelling birds make their nests in the Florida sand. And when threatened species, like the least tern, hatch, Julie Wraithmell, with Audubon of Florida said, “They’re basically these little fluff balls on legs that are scrambling around the beach.”

Listen to the full broadcast by clicking here.

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