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Audubon Researcher Defends Everglades Wood Storks

posted on January 30, 2012 in Birds in the News,Everglades,Wildlife

Jason Lauritsen, Assistant Director at Audubon’s Corkscrew Swamp Sanctuary and lead Wood Stork researcher, recently sent a letter signed by twenty conservation groups to Dan Ashe, Director of US Fish & Wildlife Service concerning overlooked threats to Wood Storks in the Everglades.

As reported on the Audubon of Florida News Blog on January 12, the Service is considering downlisting this endangered species to “threatened” based on population gains outside Florida.  This iconic species historic habitat has always been the Greater Everglades.

The letter urges the Service to answer important questions about sustainability of new nesting sites outside of the Everglades, and to assure any Wood Stork recovery is evidenced by recovery of the Everglades and return of the historic stork rookeries there.  Please check back to this site often for news of the Service’s downlisting decision and next steps Wood Stork recovery plans sometime this spring.

Audubon will continue its proactive Wood Stork recovery work – stay tuned for ways you can help.

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