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Do you love birds? Then why not spend some time with them on Valentine’s Day?

Orange-crowned Warbler in a backyard bird bathClean those binoculars, grab your notebook and get ready to head outdoors because you are invited to join the 17th annual Great Backyard Bird Count!

WHAT:  The GBBC  – A four day window each year where people all over the world take time to count birds and report what they see.

DATE:  FEB 14-17, 2014

TIME:  Any time when you can spend a minimum of 15 minutes (hopefully more) at one location

Enjoying birds outdoors

WHEREYOUR BACKYARD or one of Florida’s Special places (outdoors of course)

WHY:  Because capturing a snapshot each year help scientists understand the impacts of a changing planet on bird populations.  Your observations make that possible.

In its 17th year, the Great Backyard Bird Count known affectionately as the GBBC will once again bring birding enthusiasts from around the world together to create a snapshot of the birds that live with us. This citizen science project is the perfect way to bring together birders of all experience levels.  Go it alone or join a group of friends.

Chipping Sparrows at a backyard feederAnd for those of you who are camera buffs, THERE IS EVEN A PHOTO CONTEST!

To find out how to get started and much more, please click here and watch the instructional video about GBBC’s history, how to contribute your data via the ebird program and the scientific and conservation value of your participation.

You might just have a sweetheart of a time!

EVENT: Our Water, Our Future – September 7 – Lake City

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You are invited to attend a free multi-media evening sponsored by the Florida Gateway College and the Lake City/Columbia County Chamber of Commerce for an evening of inspiration and learning about north Florida’s water.

Having experienced extremes from droughts to floods citizens of North Florida are wanting to learn about how they can protect their valuable resource. The evening will feature nationally recognized photographer John Moran who will share his vision of how things have changed over the years.  Dr. Robert Knight of the Springs Institute will provide the left brain perspective of a scientist with a primer on north Florida’s hydrology and current concerns.  The event will include music, videos, and singing children along with a chance to network with local elected officials and the water centric non-profit organizations of the area.

This event has been spearheaded by Together Green Fellow Jacqui Sulek:

“I have been totally inspired by Cynthia Barnett. Reading her book Blue Revolution – Unmaking America’s Water Crisis, I have come to believe that when we stop pointing fingers and all come together as a community to solve a problem we will create a community where business can grow,  people can prosper and our natural systems will continue to flourish.”

WHEN: Friday, September 7 – 7:00 -9:00 p.m.

WHERE: Alfonso Levy Performing Arts Center at Florida Gateway College, Lake City, FL

Directions at

For more information contact Jacqui Sulek at (386) 497 4187,, or visit


Make This Father’s Day Special, Give Dad the Gift of Nature

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It is almost that time again! On June 17, we recognize those special men who serve as fathers. The special bond between fathers and their children is something we all need to celebrate. Show the dad in your life that you care by “adopting” a bird in his honor and support critical conservation work in Florida on his behalf.

No more ties, slippers or cologne. Give a gift that a father can appreciate all year long – the beauty and magnificence of Florida’s natural heritage.

Adopt-a-bird today for your dad, grandfather, or husband that personifies the trait you love him for the most and we’ll email you a handsome printable certificate – redesigned for 2012 – that will look great hanging in dad’s office or workshop.

This year, give the gift he’ll never forget – the gift of nature.


















Field Trips at the 2011 Audubon Assembly

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Field trips at the Audubon Assembly are always one of the most-anticipated events. These outings are a wonderful opportunity for nature-lovers to do what they do best – get outdoors in some of Florida’s Special Places! Going on a birdwalk with staff and local chapter leaders is a great way to learn about native wildlife and ecology – not to mention a fun way to spend some time with friends! Early-bird tickets to Assembly are still available, but not for long! Registration for the following field trips can be done at the registration table in the hotel at Assembly. We hope to see you in Lake Mary for Florida’s signature conservation event!

Birdwalks – Oct. 14th 

(Leaving the hotel lobby at 7:45-ish and returning by 11:30 to give you some time before lunch)

Seminole Audubon will host a trip to Seminole State Forest. There are birds (Florida Scrub-jays, Red-headed Woodpeckers, Bluebirds, etc…) and beautiful springs on the property. The distinctive character of Seminole State Forest is it’s ecological diversity which includes almost all of the naturally occurring vegetative communities found in Central Florida. There are more than 13 different natural communities, each with unique plants, animals and physical characteristics. A few examples are flatwoods, scrub, blackwater streams and bottomland forests. The forest contains approximately 1,725 acres of sand pine scrub, a rapidly disappearing biological community found predominately in Florida.

West Volusia Audubon will host a trip to Blue Springs State Park. The Park covers more than 2,600 acres, including the largest spring on the St. Johns River. Blue Spring is a designated manatee refuge and the winter home to a growing population of West Indian Manatees. You will take a board walk along the spring run and also see the river area where the spring run enters the St. Johns. Featured will be water birds, warblers and migrating birds & possibly some Florida Scrub-jays!

Jacqui Sulek of Fort White, Audubon of Florida Chapter Conservation Manager, looks for birds at Devils Millhopper Geological State Park, Gainesvilile. Florida. Photo by Lucy Beebe Tobias

Orange Audubon will host a trip to Rock Springs Run State Reserve. Sand Pine scrub, pine flatwoods, swamps and mile of pristine shoreline along Rock Springs Run and the Wekiva River make this reserve a refuge of natural beauty. The Florida black bear, Florida Scrub-jay, Sandhill Crane, indigo snake, gopher tortoise and a variety of more common species often are seen. This will be a driving trip with stops.

Late-comers Option: Friday at 9:30am –  Seminole Audubon is also providing a short option for a limited number of folks to the nearby Crystal Lake Preserve.  This group will be limited to the number of people that can fit into 4 cars since the parking at the site is very limited.

Birdwalks – Oct. 15th

(7:45am – 8:45am)

Seminole Audubon will be leading a limited number of folks on a short trip to the nearby Crystal Lake Preserve.  We hope to have everyone back in time to attend the conservation sessions that begin at 9:00.  More details coming soon. 

Birding on Your Own

Scrub Jay by RJ Wiley

There is a self guided loop trail on the lower Wekiva approximately 5 miles from the hotel.  This would be a great option for those of you who would like to do some birding on your own.  Directions will be provided at the Assembly registration desk at the hotel.

Make your plans to attend the Flyways Fiesta on Thursday (for a behind the scenes tour at the Center for Birds of Prey),  a Field trip to one of Florida’s Special Places on Friday morning and the exciting activities planned for this year’s Assembly in Lake Mary! To register, please click here.  (To register by mail, contact Jonathan Webber at 850-222-2473 or

“Backyard Bonanza” at Audubon’s Ahhochee Hill Wildlife Sanctuary – April 9-10

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Audubon’s Ahhochee Hill Wildlife Sanctuary is hosting a ‘Backyard Bonanza‘ native plant sale this weekend, Sat & Sun, April 9~10 , from 9~3 loads of native plants, shrubs & trees, bird feeders, nesting boxes, butterfly blooms, rearing boxes, lawn trellises …. and more… experts on hand for advice & information to take home…. Everything you need to create wildlife habitat in your own yard!

All proceeds to benefit Audubon’s Ahhochee Hill Wildlife Sanctuary. Come out for this great event and see one of Florida Audubon’s most beautiful sanctuaries.  The Sanctuary is located at 24268 Lake Lindsey Rd. (County Road 476) about 6 miles north of Brooksville. For further information contact Sanctuary Manager Christie Anderberg at (352) 797-3545.

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You Are Invited: October 2nd – Sierra Club Happy Hour at The Audubon Birds of Prey Center in Maitland

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Take Action on Behalf of Florida Forever and Everglades Restoration

For more than twenty years, Florida has reaffirmed its commitment annually to conservation land preservation and Everglades Restoration with appropriations to support state land buying programs, such as Preservation 2000, Save Our Everglades, and Florida Forever.

handwriting_pencil_clip_artWrite to your legislators, urging them to provide bridge funding for Florida Forever and Everglades Restoration in this year’s budget. Tell them why wildlands and local parks are important to you and their constituents. Encourage them to attend Florida Forever Day at the Capitol’s Waller Park tomorrow at 11:30.

fl_for_logoIn recent years, Florida Forever has been appropriated $300 million annually for conservation and recreation land acquisitions, and Everglades Restoration has received annual appropriations of as much as $200 million.

Due to the economy and declines in documentary stamp revenues, last year’s funding for Everglades Restoration was much reduced, and Florida Forever received no appropriation. With the State of Florida currently strapped for cash and struggling with limited bonding capacity, we recognize a return to full funding for these programs is unlikely this year. Nevertheless, it is crucial that these keystone conservation programs receive some bridge funding.

DEP Division of State Lands Director Deborah Poppell reported earlier this Session before the Senate Environmental Preservation and Conservation Committee that many previously unwilling sellers have approached the Division in the last year, now willing to sell their environmentally sensitive lands at bargain prices. Continuation funding this year is an important signal to landowners that the state remains committed to working with willing sellers to protect Florida’s remaining special places.

Currently, the Senate budget includes $15 million in cash for Florida Forever and $10 million in cash for the Everglades; the companion House budget appropriates no funding for either of these programs.

take action

Tomorrow, Wednesday, April 7, is Florida Forever Day at the Capitol. We need your voice now, more than ever.

1) Be inspired by Carlton Ward’s breathtaking photos of Florida’s top ten proposed Florida Forever acquisitions in a countdown to Florida Forever Day tomorrow.

2) Write to your legislators, urging them to provide bridge funding for Florida Forever and Everglades Restoration in this year’s budget. Tell them why wildlands and local parks are important to you and their constituents. Encourage them to attend Florida Forever Day at the Capitol’s Waller Park tomorrow at 11:30.

3) Attend Florida Forever Day: Join us at the Capitol Wednesday to show your support for Florida Forever. Email us if you’d like help scheduling an appointment with your senator and representative, or just join us for the rally at 11:30 (to be followed by an ice cream social). Events will be located in Waller Park (the steps, fountain and plaza on the West side of the Capitol building).

Support Audubon’s Legislative Efforts: Make Your Birdathon Pledge Today!

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birdathonIt’s that time of year again—Birdathon—when Audubon staff and friends put our binoculars where our mouths are (well, not literally) and get back to our birdwatching roots. For those not familiar with this traditional Audubon fundraiser, we spend the day—from before sun-up to after sundown—beating the bushes for every species of bird we can possibly identify. What we ask of you is to throw down a gauntlet for us: sponsor us at a set amount or for a bigger challenge, an amount per species—making us earn every penny in exchange for Hooded Warblers, Brown-headed Nuthatches, Bald Eagles and more.

This year, our whirlwind “Big Day” is planned for SATURDAY, APRIL 10, and here in Tallahassee we hope to see between 130 and 160 species (weather, migration and stamina willing!). Your pledge will not only egg us on (pun intended), but will help support core Audubon of Florida policy work.

pledgeWhether it’s 2 cents or $2 a bird, every pledge can help make a difference for Florida’s natural resources (and is tax-deductible to boot). Pledge now via email, and we’ll let you know the week of April 12th how our team fared, with all the juicy details!

Audubon’s Northeast Florida Birdathon

linda martino dave macri
Royal Tern © Linda Martino and Least Tern © Dave Macri

Thanks to Audubon this Royal Tern chick at Huguenot and this Least Tern chick at Fort Matanzas had a better chance of fledging this year. Let’s celebrate!

Join us on Saturday, April 10th for the
First Annual Northeast Florida Bird-a-thon
Our Goal – find at least 150 bird species.

Let’s celebrate our accomplishments in the region and
Audubon of Florida for their support in NE FL.

Your $20 donation includes:
•    participation in the Bird-a-thon (see The Rules below)
•    picnic hamburger/hot dog lunch (by Chef Ned)
•    entry into the prizes drawing (one free ticket)
and will benefit bird conservation in Northeast Florida!

The day will start with Birding Teams finding as many species as possible. Teams will head out at or before sunrise and meet at the picnic by 1:30 to have their checklists included in the totals.

For those not inclined to the birding at sunrise, you can still join us for the picnic! For more information on the birdathon and picnic, please see the flyer.

To participate, please RSVP to Monique (904.813.5115).

2010 Northwest Florida Birding Festival

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April 16 & 17, 2010
RiverCamps Riverhouse


Northwest Florida’s Gulf Coast provides important resting and feeding habitat for many species of migratory and rare resident birds. In celebration of International Migratory Bird Day, we invite you to attend this spectacular birding festival that highlights some of the most beautiful areas and rarest birds of the region. The festival includes guest speakers, a wildlife photographer, education and recreation activities for all ages and numerous guided birding tours. Please join us for the Northwest Florida Birding Festival at RiverCamps on Crooked Creek and experience the wonders of migratory birds. View the festival’s poster for more information on activities and events.

If you would like more information, please call 850.231.6433. Map of festival can be found here.

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