Audubon Florida’s Coastal Conservation Getaway at Palm Island

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Tucked against the Charlotte County coast just north of Boca Grande, Palm Island’s beaches harken back to decades past before bridges brought volumes of beachgoers to the region’s soft, white sand beaches.

Snowy and Wilson’s Plovers ghost across the sand followed by their wispy chicks, and Least Terns and Skimmers ply the warm, calm Gulf of Mexico, putting on a show while snapping up this coast’s abundant fish. By day, Reddish Egrets dance their manic reel in inches deep water in search of prey; by the light of the stars, sea turtles leave the water and their grace behind to lumber high on the beach to lay their eggs.

Whether you are an avid birder, photographer or simply a celebrant of nature’s miracles, Palm Island is an oasis of peace and abundance, a window to Florida’s past.

A special day package is available for local residents and chapter members. Click here for more information on pricing and packages.

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To reserve your perfect Coastal Getaway package, call Palm Island Resort at (800) 824-5412 or (941) 697-4800.

For more information on other Audubon Events, Contact Margaret Hankinson Spontak, Audubon Florida Director of Development at or 352-229-2887.

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Important Information:

**NOTE: Speaker Rick Greenspun has been replaced by Andy Wraithmell: Originally from Liverpool, England, Andy Wraithmell has been birding for more than 35 years and is well known for his avid photography and blogging on birding, wildlife and wildlands. He has traveled to exotic destinations like South Africa and the Canary Islands in pursuit of his birding obsession, and maintains that Florida’s birds and wildlife place it among the foremost nature-based tourism destinations in the world.