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Florida Today Editorial: Stop the Veto Override

posted on November 16, 2010 in Media

Old Florida CapitolAudubon of Florida’s own Director of Advocacy Charles Lee was published in Florida Today earlier this week, writing an editorial regarding the potential state legislature veto override of last session’s HB 1565.  The legislature is expected to take up this veto, along with others, later this morning.

From Florida Today:

HB 1565 would require that any regulation — even those most vital to protecting water and air quality and our health — be ratified by the Legislature if it has a $1 million statewide economic impact over a five-year period.

This threshold for a legislative ratification requirement is far too low in a state 600 miles long with 67 counties and 18 million people.

When you do the math, it means that a regulation requiring only $2,985 in annual effort to implement or comply with in each county must be ratified by the Legislature.

I am afraid the real intent of HB 1565 is to give paid lobbyists for polluters, land developers and similar interests the last say over Florida’s environmental regulations.

Today, legislators will take up a series of veto overrides from the aftermath of last session.  See this memorandum released by the Speaker of the House’s office.

Please click here to read an earlier post from Audubon of Florida regarding HB 1565.

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