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From the Road: Visiting the Publix Bakery Where Sustainability and Jobs Come Together

posted on November 9, 2010 in President's Notes

Audubon of Florida Executive Director Eric Draper blogs from around the state:

Audubon of Florida Executive Director Eric Draper Gets a Tour of the Publix Bakery in Lakeland, FloridaOn Friday I joined fellow board members of Sustainable Florida – the Collins Center on a tour of the central Publix bakery in Lakeland, Florida. Sustainable Florida is a wonderful little organization with a big mission – recognizing and promoting sustainable practices among Florida’s businesses and governments.

Publix executive Michael Hewett took us on a tour of the huge bakery where Publix makes so many of the baked goods we love.  Dressed in blue smocks and hairnets – which certainly leveled members of the distinguished Sustainable Florida board – we toured the huge complex where truck after truck of flour and sugar and flavors are turned into cakes, muffins, cookies, and more.   I have to admit that one of my favorite breads is a multi-grain baguette from our local Publix bakery, so I was as excited as a little boy about this tour.

What we learned about Publix and sustainability was even more exciting.  Publix recycles just about everything that enters the bakery that is not used in its food. And extraordinary effort goes into careful use of water and electricity. Moreover, Publix seems to treat their workers well with emphasis on ergonomics and safety.

We hear a lot from politicians about creating jobs.  Here in pretty Central Florida, Publix is sustaining a sizable workforce making food that many Floridians enjoy every day.

It doesn’t stop there for Publix.  Much of what they are doing in their stores is now oriented to saving energy and water. Please click here to learn more.

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