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Climate Change in Glacier National Park

posted on October 8, 2010 in Climate Change

The harsh realities of climate change can be seen in striking visual form in Montana.  In 1900, Glacier National Park had over 150 magnificent glaciers that loomed mightily over the park’s expansive acreage.  Now, only 25 of these frozen behemoths remain…and with significantly less volume.  As the glaciers recede, there is no mistaking that climate change is real and dramatically affecting our globe and natural systems.

CNN reports:

Glacier National Park is celebrating its 100th anniversary this year but soon the glaciers that gave the park its name will be gone.

“Glacier National Park has been the poster child park for climate change for a lot of people in the country and I think that there has been pretty sensational news about the glaciers disappearing in fairly short order,” says Chas Cartwright, Glacier National Park Superintendent.

“There is a lot less water coming off the mountain. There are dramatic changes in vegetation. It begs the question: how is that going to impact wildlife in this park?”

Many of the plant and animal species that call the park home require cold water, meaning the ecosystem of the park may change dramatically when the glaciers are gone.

What will remain of the wildlife in this part of the world is unknown.  Global action is required immediately to curb the effects of climate change – effects that are already changing the physical world.

Fore more picture evidence of the effects of climate change in Montana, click here.

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