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Good News for Everglades Wildlife

posted on June 1, 2009 in Everglades,Everglades Science,Florida Bay

Roseate spoonbill © MrClean1982’s Photostream

When agencies consult with Audubon scientists on decisions, wildlife reap the benefits.  Audubon’s Tavernier Science Center has worked with the South Florida Water Management District to improve the management of water flows into Florida Bay and wetlands in South Miami-Dade.  Along with favorable weather conditions, this collaboration helped to achieve more natural water levels in critical roseate spoonbill habitat and, as a result, helped avoid complete nesting failures this year, on the heels of the two worst nesting seasons since the 1960s. While the situation is still very serious and much more work is needed, including the operation of the C-111 Spreader Canal for maximum ecological benefit, the resiliency of Florida Bay’s roseate spoonbills demonstrates that when water management and ecosystem restoration work is focused on providing ecological benefits, wildlife respond positively.

For more information, read our Good News for the Everglades factsheet.

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