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The Spirit of Machi the Whimbrel Flies On

posted on August 15, 2012 in Birds in the News,Wildlife

Machi, a Whimbrel, was a world-travelling bird that was being tracked between Canada and Brazil by satellite transmitter.  Audubon first reported on Machi when Dr. Paul Gray located her in the EAA during on of her migration flights.

A couple years later, we were sad to report she was shot by hunters in the Caribbean.

Her radio was retrieved by researchers at the College of William and Mary and put on another Whimbrel, and is one of three who have just flown from the arctic tundra to Brazil in an epic non-stop flight 6 days, more than 4000 miles.

Whimbrel by Don MargeonAs of Tuesday, August 14, MacKenzie (the new bird) has traveled a total of more than 6000 miles and is now over the Atlantic, still 800 miles out from Brazil.  Click here to see her daily tracking map.

Bird migrations remind us that taking care of our local environment is a responsibility that affects humans, animals, and creatures around the globe. And, MacKenzie and Whimbrels like her, make their marathon trek twice a year!

**UPDATE: MacKenzie flew all night and is now 100 miles from the coast as of this morning!

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