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A Message to Audubon Florida Chapter Presidents Regarding Audubon Academy

posted on January 11, 2012 in Academy,Chapters

For the past seven years the Audubon Academy has served the vital function of training and motivating local Audubon leaders for the important and challenging job of community based conservation.

While we were excited to bring the Academy to the Everglades, unexpected difficulties with the Clewiston location leaves us to conclude that we are not able to put on an Academy this year that meets the standards we set in the past.  The Audubon Florida Board Chapters Committee will meet to review the purpose and goals of Audubon Academy, and will begin planning for a regenerated Audubon Academy for 2013.

For those who were planning on attending or who have some upcoming leaders who would benefit by getting together, we are trying to think through some more targeted training efforts.

Our deepest thanks to all Florida chapters and Audubon staff who have supported the Audubon Academy in the past.  We look forward to resuming the Academy with a renewed and reinvigorated spirit in 2013.

Joyce King, Eric Draper, Jacqui Sulek and John Elting


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